Acanexus International Publishing House

Acanexus is a publishing house with a strong international focus. We publish in English and in all Scandinavian languages. All though we publish both fiction and non-fiction, we traditionally focus mainly on professional literature for academic institutions, law firms, accountants and other professionals - although most of our titles have a universal interest. Increasingly our publications are also available electronically.


Like most major publishing houses, Acanexus receive many more manuscripts for review than we publish.  We treat every manuscript with respect and even if we decide not to publish, we will return your manuscript with an explanation and with comments. more


Many of our publications are aimed at a specialized, professional target group.  We are therefore used to dealing directly with bookshops of all sizes and in many countries. Our sales team will handle orders quickly and efficiently – and our accounts team will ensure that proper discounts are given. more


Most of our books are sold through third party retailers, such as local bookshops and online stores.  However, we understand that sometimes you may find it more convenient to order directly from us.  Though most of our prices are fixed to the recommended retail price, ordering online with us is fast and convenient.  Most orders are shipped same day. more

Registration of bookshops. If you are a bookshop, prior to placing an order with us, you must register in order to benefit from bookshop dicounts and special return policies.

27 MaRCH
Third edition of Norwegian Håndbok i NUF is released through Mentor / Den Norske Bokdatabase.
31 January
Deadline for returning unsold books for 2008.